Dear Colleagues,

Manufacturing concepts are rapidly changing and manufacturing processes are completely being redefined in the last decade. Industry 4.0, digitalization and IoT are at the core of next-generation manufacturing technologies. Additive Manufacturing, considered to be one of the cornerstones of next- generation digital manufacturing, is replacing/will replace some of the traditional manufacturing methods in several industries.

For digital transformation of manufacturing industries, it is critical that scientific research and R&D studies on Additive Manufacturing technologies need to be shared on a common platform where scientific community and researchers from industry come together. The second “Additive Manufacturing Conference” in Turkey (“AMCTURKEY”, ) will be held in İstanbul on October, 2022 for this purpose on site and online, as a hybrid conference. All accepted papers will be published in the newly established Journal of Additive Manufacturing Technologies.

AAMCTURKEY brings local and international scientists, researchers, and representatives both from academia and industry, where they can present and share their recent scientific discoveries, research activities and emerging applications in Additive Manufacturing and related technologies. The conference covers all the areas of Additive Manufacturing and will include internationally-renowned invited speakers as well as panel discussions and industrial presentations. In addition to these, several certified training sessions will be held on various topics of additive manufacturing just before or during the conference.

One of the objectives of the AMCTURKEY is to play a bridge between academia and industry in Additive Manufacturing Technologies. Thus, special attention is given to our companies/firms who are interested in and intending an investment in Additive Manufacturing Technologies and also would like to follow the developments in this field. The AMCTURKEY will provide a better understanding of Additive Manufacturing Technologies and its industrial applications and to increase the awareness about this new technology. This cooperation between academia and industry will further extend the knowledge and the possible applications of additive manufacturing and ultimately benefit both. In this context, this conference will be one of the most important common platforms of the Additive Manufacturing for academicians and researchers working in this field.

It is our pleasure to invite all of the scientists, academicians, business delegates, sector representatives, students and policy-makers from all over the world to attend the AMCTURKEY 2022.

Organizing Committee

Conference Topics

Hybrid Processes

Design for Additive Manufacturing

Process Planning for Additive Manufacturing

Lattices and Cellular Structures

Post-Processing Operations

Data Analytics in Additive Manufacturing

Novel Materials for Additive Manufacturing

Functionally Graded Materials in Additive Manufacturing

Process Monitoring and Control in Additive Manufacturing

Topology Optimisation Applications in Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing Process Modeling and Simulation Manufacturing

Microstructural Characterization of Components Fabricated by Additive Manufacturing


Bandar ALMANGOUR / King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals

Amit BANDYOPADHYAY / Washington State University

Paulo Jorge Da Silva BARTOLO / University of Manchester

Thorsten M. BUZUG / University of Lübeck

Adam CLARE / The University of Nottingham

Ali Gökhan DEMİR / Politecnico di Milano

Eralp DEMİR / Sabancı University

Tevfik DEMİR / TOBB University

Ian GIBSON / University of Twente

Özkan GÖKÇEKAYA / Osaka University

M. Cengiz KAYACAN / Süleyman Demirel University

İsmail LAZOĞLU / Koç University

Eujin PEI / Brunel University

İ. Ethem SAKLAKOĞLU / Ege University

Emrecan SÖYLEMEZ / Istanbul Technical University

Celal Sami TÜFEKÇİ / Presidency of Defence Industries

Rahmi ÜNAL / Gazi University

Evren YASA / Eskişehir Osmangazi University